Revelations Logo


The Revelations Logo

The new Revelations logo and website were launched back in February 2000 along with The Darkangels Network.  Both were products of lots of drugs, late nights, and of course the candy coated insanity that is Captain Sternn.  We had this logo...

Acumen Nation Flyer

...but on the new site used the one at the top, although we used to have this one on the flyers as pictured and on the site in the flyer gallery.

So why am I writing this right now?  Well, lets start with the DarkAngels Network.  I started it as an online web portal for all things goth.  At the time, there wasn't much out there.  We had an online dating service, link library, and gothic club list.  Everything was free, I had help from some other mates to maintain it, and hosted it in my own apartment on the T1 I had there.  Why am I telling you this?  Well, about 2 years after we got going, our original logo, which I also designed, ended up on a television show called DARK ANGEL.  Not only that, the main plot of the show involved this girl who wore all black and had a barcode on her neck.  Well, if you don't know me, I've been spinning g/i music for years, haven't owned and clothes with any colour other than black since about '95.  Also, in 1999 I had a barcode tattooed on my neck.  Had a nice section about it on my website which was linked from the DarkAngels server, along with pictures of my tat (I'm trying to find ones from when I first had it done - have them around here somewhere).  Also, the logo used on the TV ads and posters, was almost identical to the one we had on the DarkAngels.Net website.

Needless to say, I was kinda like 'wow' when the TV show came out, and thought, well at least someone out there at least saw my site... ;)

Anyway, back to the main point of this page.  I get bored at 4 in the morning on weekdays (hard to find others who sleep all day and avoid the sunlight).  One way I find to amuse yerself is to google yourself, or some other cool stuff, like websites you have made, and see who has taken pieces, images, ideas, etc.  So I'm sitting here having a smoke, Googling Revelations, and what do I find? This...

Revelations Movie

Once again, Hollywood has seemed to find my website and take what it wanted, then left me like a discarded condom - used, abused, and feeling all sticky.  Well, its not that bad.  Once again, kinda kewl that someone liked my design work enough to rip it off.  And who am I to bitch?  Like most of the world, half my MP3 collection came from Napster, so maybe it's like cosmic karma or something?  Either way, still kewl that someone liked my werk enough to rob it, and instead of going all sue happy, being a true goth, I'd rather just post shit about it online, complain in forums, bitch on Alt.Gothic, and go look for pity on #Manipulate (EFNET - the NEW OLD #Gothic krewe).  I mean, thats waaay more goth anyway, right? 

*Staples hand to forehead*

For those who care, I'm also putting a link to this in my blog on MySpace.  Start the pity party now.  I'm off to turn on some Bauhaus, light some patchouli incense, grab a bottle of absinthe, smoke a clove, and run around in black fishnets till I feel redeemed, or get drunk.  Whichever comes first.




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