Regulars, Locals, And Other Assorted Freaks

Revelations has been home to the gothic scene as well as many other alternative individuals since it's first incarnation in the early 90's.  Below you will find a collection of some of the pictures we have acquired over the course of about 12 years (and counting).  Although no longer a weekly event, Revelations is far from dead.  As we hold our special event celebrations and yearly commemorations, we will continue to add to this page.  Also, if you have some pictures you would like to contribute PLEASE do so! 

DJ Rick Danger & Guest

Our fearless host Rick Danger

 DJ Ian

DJ SickMick, in action

John Smith & Sternn

John the doorman and DJ Sternn

Rick Danger & Larry Bradby

Rick again with photographer Larry Bradby

Pool Tables @ Revelations

Why yes, there are pool tables at Revelations
Captain Sternn & Rick Danger

DJ Sternn & Rick Danger


Revelations Crowd

The Thursday night crowd waiting for the doors to open

Revelations Crowd

View from the DJ Booth


Gigi, Teniel @ Revelations

Gigi, ., & Teniel

Captain & Teniel @ Revelations

Sternn and Teniel

Chelle & Will @ Revelations

Chelle & Will

Rachael & Jerrold @ Revelations

Rachael & Jerrold

Gina @ Revelations

Gina Playing Pool

Matt & Toad @ Revelations

Matt & Toad

Goth Kids @ Revelations

Sternn, Gina, Jerrold, & Michael

Whitney, John, & Sternn @ Revelations

Whitney, John, & Sternn

Rick Danger & DJ Ian @ Revelations

Rick & Ian '98

Local Skins @ Revelations

Local Trads

Sternn & His Fan Club @ Revelations

Sternn & Fans

Leigh & Teniel @ Revelations

Leigh & Teniel

Teniel @ Gigi @ Revelations

Teniel & Gigi

Sternn & Scott (Jack Off Jill) @ Revelations

Sternn & Scott
 (Jack Off Jill)

Elaine (Heaven Falls Hard) & Rick Danger @ Revelations

Rick Danger & Elaine
(Heaven Falls Hard)

Rick Danger @ Club Laga

Rick @ Club Laga (Pittsburgh) '98

PAtrons @ Revelations


Gina @ Revelations

. & Gina

John Smith @ Revelations


Alt.Gothic Crew @ Revelations

Raveness, Flitterbit, Timly, & RuhielFrom Alt.Gothic

DJ Ian @ Revelations

DJ Ian

Captain Sternn & Leah @ Revelations

Leah & Sternn

Eileen & DJ Doug @ Revelations

Eileen & DJ Doug

Jerrold, Michael @ Revelations

Jerrold, Michael, & .

DJ Ian @ The Bat Cave (NYC)

Ian with his fan club entering The Bat Cave (NYC) '99

Halloween 2000 @ Revelations

Halloween 2000

Bella Morte - Heaven Falls Hard
Siddal - Vehemence Realised
DJ Kangal - DJ Rev. Fish
DJ Ian - DJ Rick Danger - DJ Sternn


Goth Prom 2003 @ Revelations

Goth Prom 2003

DJ Rick Danger
DJ Sternn
DJ Tucker

Past Visitors, Guests, And VIP's...

These thumbnails are shots of just a few of the many guests to have played at Revelations.  Check out the semi-complete BAND LIST of the bands and artists who have preformed for us here at Revelations.  Also don't forget to look at our UPCOMING EVENTS to see what bands and DJ's we have coming for you soon.  The gallery below is far from complete, but we are working to add new photos as we get them!  Tis hard to find a gothic/industrial band that we haven't had come play, or just come visit the club over the past 11 years.

Rick Danger & Black Tape For A Blue Girl @ Revelations

Rick with 
Black Tape For A Blue Girl

DJ Accucrack @ Revelations

DJ AccuCrack

Alien Sex Fiend @ Revelations

Alien Sex Fiend

Luxt @ Revelations


Godhead @ Revelations


Hate Dept. @ Revelations

Hate Dept.

DEath In June @ Revelations

Death In June

My Psychotic Motor @ Revelations

My Psychotic Motor

DJ Kelly Ashkettle @ Revelations

DJ Kelly Ashkettle (Pittsburgh)

Switchblade Symphony @ Revelations

Switchblade Symphony

Spahn Ranch @ Revelations

Aethan Of Spahn Ranch with Rick

Vehemence Realized @ Revelations

Vehemence Realized


Bella Morte @ Revelations

Bella Morte


Acumen Nation @ Revelations

Ethan Of Acumen Nation


Cubanate @ Revelations


  Jack Off Jill @ Revelations

Jack Off Jill

Haujobb @ Revelations

DJ Audio Rapture 
DJ Daniel Myer (Haujobb)


Deist Requiem @ Revelations

Deist Requiem

Clan Of Xymox @ Revelations

Clan Of Xymox

Christian Death @ Revelations

Christian Death

Diet Of Worms @ Revelations

Diet Of Worms

The Genitortures @ Revelations

The Genitortures

Heaven Falls Hard @ Revelations

Heaven Falls Hard

Numb @ Revelations


Mortiis @ Revelations

Mortiis & Rick

Trance To The Sun @ Revelations

Trance To The Sun

DJ Tucker @ Revelations

DJ Tucker

Razed In Black @ Revelations

Rommell (Razed In Black) & Sternn

Death In June @ Revelations

Douglas P (Death In June) With Rick & Ian

More To Come...


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